About HJS

Howard Supnik is a Registered Landscape Architect, a member
of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), is CLARB
(Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards) certified,
and is a member of the Building Industry Association of Lancaster County
(BIA). He received his Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College
in Ohio, attended the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies
in New York, served as a Horticultural Intern at The Garden In The Woods
in Framingham Massachusetts and received his Master in Landscape
Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
Howard worked with the internationally acclaimed Olin (formerly Olin
Partnership and Hanna/Olin Ltd) in Philadelphia for over sixteen years,
where he was involved in providing a broad range of professional design
services to commercial, institutional and residential projects. Howard has
taught landscape architectural courses at both Temple University and
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and continues to enrich his
education of horticulture by taking Longwood Garden's Professional
Courses for landscape professionals for Certificate of Merit in
Ornamental Plants.

About Landscape Architecture

For information on Landscape Architecture see the following
useful websites:
American Society of Landscape Architects
Sustainable Landscapes
Landscape Architecture Foundation
ASLA PA/DE Chapter

About Aesthetics

Aesthetics have to do with our judgements, sentiments and
tastes, and the way we see and perceive the world. They are
what link very real things to more ethereal ideas like beauty
and harmony. Our brains associate certain colors, textures,
groupings, smells and sounds with things that make us feel
good, happy, satisfied and comfortable versus bad, sad,
lacking and uncomfortable.